CRM Training

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CRM Training

The course is covers all the EASA ORO CC- (AMC1 Appendix 1 to Part-CC(3). 
Objective: To create awareness of the problems and possibilities of aspects of Human interactions and herewith achieve the highest level of safety, Service and well-being through development of human potential.

To promote CRM, Crew members should understand each other’s roles and responsibilities, possess an excellent understanding of their Airline’s safety and security policies and procedures, effectively communicate with each other, cooperate and coordinate their efforts and resolve or work through any differences or conflicts.

CRM is a system of applying human factors concepts to improve Crew performance, and, subsequently, improve safety. Effective CRM results in all Crew members functioning as a team, rather than a collection of technically competent individuals. High technical proficiency does not guarantee safe aircraft operation in the absence of effective Crew coordination.

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