3 Days EASA FRMS Masterclass

In depth knowledge of EASA FRMS requirements

3 Days EASA FRMS Masterclass


This course has been designed to be providing in depth knowledge of EASA ORO.FTL regulation. Provides detailing explanation of all aspects of ORO.FTL combined with the required scientific background of fatigue, working process, Safety requirements and all industry sides of crew schedule.


  • Applicable frame
  • Learn about EASA ORO.FTL
  • Science behind FRMS
  • EASA ORO.FTL. Explanation
  • Basics of safety management
  • Briefing on FRMS
  • Introduction on airline management & economics
  • Introduction on airline operations
  • Working on aviation environment

In addition customized part about company’s procedures, FRM system and policy would be included.


  • 3 days course (22 hours)


  • Αγγλικά, Ελληνικά

Μέθοδος Διδασκαλίας

  • Τάξη
  • Εικονική Τάξη

Ποιούς Αφορά (Ομάδα-στόχος)

  • Nominated post holders
  • SMS staff
  • FSAG members
  • Key managers
  • Crew schedulers
  • OCC staff
  • Other staff involved in crew rostering
  • Auditors
  • NAA staff
  • Compliance monitoring staff
  • Chief pilots

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