FRM for Busy Managers

increase safety, awareness, staff health and well being as well as productivity

Fatigue Risk Management Training for Busy Managers


This course has been designed to bring awareness about FRMS and EASA FTL to upper managers within aviation organizations that their decisions effects and effective from FTL and FRMS. The course is delivered on classroom or as briefing with updated and customized material. Apart from satisfy EASA and local authority’s requirements this course aims also to increase safety, awareness, staff health and well being as well as productivity.


  • Learn the basics of sleep, circadian rhythm and fatigue
  • Learn about working under conditions that might affect our circadian rhythm
  • Learn about EASA ORO.FTL
  • Learn how fatigue effect our performance
  • Learn about the regulatory structure
  • Learn how to reduce fatigue effects
  • Learn how the FRMS works
  • Learn about mitigation techniques

In addition customized part about company’s procedures, FRM system and policy would be included.


  • 4 hours according to audience and company’s requirements


  • Αγγλικά, Ελληνικά

Μέθοδος Διδασκαλίας

  • Classroom or one – one briefing
  • Εικονική Τάξη

Ποιούς Αφορά (Ομάδα-στόχος)

  • Key managers
  • Aircraft brokers
  • Other managers in aviation companies

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